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Vangueria infausta

Vangueria infaustaCommon Name: African Medlars
Vangueria infausta is a deciduous tree 3-8 m in height with a short trunk and hanging branchlets. Bark pale grey-brown, peeling in untidy flakes; branches usually opposite with reddish tomentose young branchlets.
Leaves dull green, opposite, rusty tomentose, medium to large, 5-24 x 3.8-15 cm, shape varying from ovate or obovate to lanceolate or rounded; net-veining, conspicuous below. Leaf apices either obtuse or sub-acuminate; base tapering; margin entire; petiole 3-10 mm long. Leaf stalks short, 5-10 mm long; stipules long, between young leaves. . . . .Read more 
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