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  1. Perennial rice incorporates African wild rice genes and halves production cost l BGI Perspectives
  2. Gene Editing: A 21st Century Tool to Combat Climate Change
  3. The Future of Plant Breeding in Africa: An Interview With Dr. Rita Mumm
  4. Reference genome of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa), a tool for predictive breeding – Interview with scientists!
  5. Illumina Announces African Orphan Crops Consortium to Receive Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant
  6. Using science to progress food's future: Q&A with the VP of the Mars Advanced Research Institute
  7. Investing in 101 Futures
  8. Promoting early-maturing, oil-rich shea trees and holding off the charcoal threat
  9. Africa must re-adopt its orphan crops in the face of a changing environment
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  17. "Sequencing forgotten crops.”
  18. No crop left behind: Improving the plants that Africans eat and breeders neglect(PDF
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  20. African Orphan Crops Consortium Tackles 101 Crop Genomes Training in Africa
  21. UC Davis and Dow AgroSciences Team with Consortium to Advance African Orphan Crops
  22. Event: "African Orphan Crops" in the Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVI January 17 2018 in San Diego, CA
  23. Promoting neglected and underutilized crops: FAO & African Orphan Crops Consortium try to safeguard valuable food resources
  24. Meet man who will not rest until he sees farmers growing 101 neglected crops
  25. Illumina Announces African Orphan Crops Consortium to Receive Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant 8 January 2015
  26. Video: Beyond the Chocolate Bar – How Mars is Helping Smallholder Farmers 18 February 2015
  27. African Orphan Crops Consortium Receives Agricultural Grant To Help Tackle Malnutrition. 21 January 2015.
  28. Enhanced crops to help fight hunger in Africa February 14 2015.
  29. New plant breeders trained to transform ‘orphan’ crops. 12 January 2015
  30. Decoding 'orphan crop' genomes could save millions of lives in Africa. 2 June 2013
  31. Mapping the Genomes of Africa’s ‘Orphan’ Crops. 26 August 2014
  32. Improving the African Yam Bean – neglected crop 14 July 2014
  33. This crop is not an orphan anymore: it now has a home 16 December 2014.