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Gnetum africanum

Gnetum africanumCommon Name:African Gnetum
Gnetum africanum is a dioecious forest perrenial liana up to 10 m long but sometimes longer; branches somewhat thickened at the nodes, glabrous.
Leaves decussately opposite, sometimes in whorls of 3, simple, ovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, more rarely lanceolate, 5-13 cm long, 2- 5 cm broad, attenuate at base, abruptly acuminate, obtuse or minutely apiculate, entire, thick-papery, glabrous, pale green above, paler beneath, with 3-6 pairs of strongly curved lateral veins looped near the margin; stipules absent; petiole up to 1 cm long. Read more