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Promoting neglected and underutilized crop species

Crops that have been forgotten over the last century are being rediscovered. Scientists and policymakers are now beginning to recognize

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Sequencing all life captivates biologists

“To sequence everything in the world—that is the reason we are here.” With those words last week, China’s genome pioneer

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How Happiness is breeding plants for Africa’s future

Plant breeders are improving food plants and building a more food-secure future for Africa. One has been working at it

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n Abia, Northern Uganda, farmer and grandmother Catherine Ekuka, 63, decants shea oil for cooking. Photo CWatson/ICRAF

Promoting early-maturing, oil-rich shea trees and holding off the charcoal threat

In Europe and the US, shea butter or oil is a famous skin cream. But shea is even more important

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